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Commuter Choice Benefit

Active employees can enroll or make changes to existing accounts at any time during the plan year. The election change form is available by clicking on the below links titled Transit or Parking Elections & Change Form.

Forms must be submitted by the cut off dates listed within the Election Change Form Submission Deadline Calendar in order to have the following month's payroll reflect the election or change.

24 hour online accounts are provided for every participant. New participants can access their online account once their first payroll deduction has been taken.

All participants will receive a FlexExpress© Debit Card to make purchases with their available balance. All Transit expenses must be paid for using the debit card. Participants cannot  use alternative methods of payment (i.e. cash, personal credit card) and then submit a paper claim form for Transit expenses. Parking expenses can be purchased using the debit card or you may submit a paper claim form for parking reimbursement.

Informational Materials

Additional Forms

For more details and additional information, please visit the FAQ above. If you are filing a paper claim form for Parking reimbursement or sending any other type of correspondence, please use one of the following methods listed below to reach Benefit Strategies. 

  • Email to info@benstrat.com
  • Fax to: 603-647-4668
  • Mail to: PO Box 1300, Manchester, NH  03105-1300

Contact us: 1-888-401-3539