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Leave of Absence (LOA)

Leave of Absence

In today’s increasingly complex benefit world, you need an integrated solution to your company’s benefit administration requirements. Benefit Strategies, LLC's complete product package includes Leave of Absence administration when employees temporarily leave your employment for medical or other approved reasons.

Keeping track of your employees on leave

When an employee goes on a leave of absence, Benefit Strategies, LLC will take over the ongoing administration and maintenance of that employee’s benefit programs, dealing directly with the appropriate carriers so you won’t have to. We will bill employees directly, providing them with a coupon billing letter and payment coupons through the end of the leave period. We will also handle the collection of premiums from the individuals. Leave of Absence administration – like our other health and welfare administration services – is fully supported by our knowledgeable, responsive customer service team who will answer any questions your employees may have regarding their LOA eligibility or resolve any issues in a timely fashion.

As part of our comprehensive service, we will notify employees on leave of any plan changes, as well as following up with employer-specific grace period letters for payment.

Detailed reporting to monitor eligibility status

Each month, Benefit Strategies, LLC will provide you with web-based reports showing payment details, total number of covered individuals, and lists of individuals by coverage. We will also let you know about potential terminations prior to final cancellation of the coverage. Once coverage is canceled, we’ll automatically activate COBRA-eligible employees, and track and bill those individuals until their COBRA coverage expires.